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Carrie Olson: Missing from Illinois Found

UPDATE 2015 –  The evidence found in that search will be used in McVay’s trial, which is set to begin on June 15th. The judge will rule in a few days on another defense motion, requesting all field notes in the case be turned over.

UPDATE 2015 –  Tim McVay’s trial for the murder of Carrie Olson will be delayed. The bench trial was scheduled to start February 24, 2015.

UPDATE July 2014 – Tim McVay, 39, of Rock Island is charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death, Rock Island County State’s Attorney John McGehee said.
McVay was arrested Friday morning at a work site in Silvis and taken into custody without incident, McGehee said.  He is being held in the Rock Island County Jail on a $1.5 million bond.

UPDATE 4/8/14 – Carrie’s body has been recovered in a wooded area in Ravenna Township, Hastings, Minn., according to the Facebook page of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Department. Dedication page.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Tuesday that the body was that of Olson. The cause and manner of death is under investigation.

UPDATE 4/8/14 – Carrie Olson, 29 years old, female, 5’8″ tall, 180-200 lbs, green eyes, sandy brown hair.

She was last seen by family on Saturday afternoon December 28, 2013, wearing a gray Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt.

Video surveillance and debit card transactions have proven Carrie was at 7-eleven at 38th Street/18th Avenue in Rock Island, IL, Saturday, December 28th around 4PM (ALONE) pumping gas. She was also seen at 3:34AM, Sunday, December 29th at the same 7-Eleven. Her car was seen at the same location Sunday, December 29th around 7:00AM, with Tim McVay, only, putting gas in the car.

Her car was driven to Minneapolis sometime between Sunday/Monday by Tim McVay (who flew to Las Vegas Monday from Minneapolis). A few days later he returned the car to the Davenport Police Department. Her purse and coat were found in the car when it was returned. Tim McVay was questioned by the police right when the car was returned but a few hours later he was released.

Carrie’s personal belongings that are still missing include: her white iPhone 5s with black case (battery extended), and small black wallet with love written in white on the front.

The phone pinged a location of Camden Park in Milan, Illinois. Please remember a ping is very vague and can stretch a radius of 2 miles.

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  1. Please post any updates. Praying family is doing well as can.


  2. I am from Milan, IL, was she missing anything else?


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