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Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible: Two teens missing since 1999

UPDATE:  1/25/16 – Lauria’s mother, Lorene Bible posted on Facebook asking anyone with information on the teens’ disappearance to contact law enforcement and over the weekend, tips came in from Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, Fox 23 reports. 

Lorene told the Miami News-Record that she received a tip on social media earlier in January 2016 telling her that authorities should check an old well on property formerly owned by a convicted murder.  Nothing was found.

Original story:  On December 29, 1999, Ashley Freeman celebrated her 16th birthday with her mother and father, Danny and Kathy Freeman and her best friend, Lauria Bible.

Lauria was spending the night with Ashley at the families mobile home in Welch, Oklahoma.  Sometime during the early morning hours a fire started in the home.  The mobile home burned to the ground and police found Kathy and Danny’s bodies, but could not find Lauria or Ashley.  Danny extensive arrowhead collection was never found and Lauria  car was still parked in front of the Freeman mobile home with the keys in the ignition, reports News OK.   Also, Lauria’s purse was found in the mobile home.

Danny Freeman


OSBI investigators also found a small arsenal of weapons as they searched through the debris of the house.

An autopsy showed that Kathy and Danny had been shot in the head.

Before Danny died he told his brother, Dwayne Vancil that if anything happened to him to look at the Craig County Sheriff’s Dept.  Danny’s son, Shane had been killed by a deputy from the Craig County Sheriff’s Dept. and Danny was filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Because of the pending litigation, the Craig County Sheriff’s Dept. took themselves out of the investigation and turned it over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.  The Sheriff’s Dept. personnel passed polygraph tests.

There was a theory that Danny was a small time drug trafficker and two men that came to his house that he forced to leave may have come back to rob or kill the family.

Another theory is Ashley killed her parents and fled with Lauria.

Jeremy Bryan Jone and another man confessed to leading Lauria and Ashley from the house and killing them, but one confession was proven false.

In 2010 the police released a description of two vehicles seen in the vicinity of the crime scene.   A small, dark-colored sedan seen traveling east on a rural road toward Welch between 5:30 and 6 a.m. on Dec. 30, 1999 and a dark colored pickup truck seen heading north toward Chetopa, Kan.

It took the police department 10 years to decide if the information was credible enough to be released to the public.

Is it possible that the two teens burned in the fire like these two children from Tennessee.  Although the house was searched for their remains, it was never found, but is it possible that they were burned in the fire but the authorities just didn’t find their remains?

 Read this interesting case of the Sodder children.It was stated during that investigation by an employee of a local crematorium that human bones remain even after bodies are burned at 2,000 °F (1,090 °C) for two hours, far longer and hotter than the house fire could have been.


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2 Comments on Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible: Two teens missing since 1999

  1. I am very missing! Sometime during the night, the Freeman's' home became an inferno. By the time Lauri's parents arrived the fire was out, but the home had been reduced to ashes. Lauria's car was still there, but there was no sign of their daughter.Happy good Day!!!


  2. Somebody should man up. I just seen this on tv. Soo sad. I think the fire was set to destroy evidence, and I agree with the grandma.


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