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Skelton Brothes: Father is sentenced

Update November 2011: John Skelton is serving his time in prison.

The boy’s mother waits for their return with unwrapped Christmas presents in the basement.

The police continue to investigate the case.


Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton, have been missing since Thanksgiving day, 2010.  Their father, John Skelton,  of Morenci, Michigan, who was with them refuses to say where the boys are, other than he left them with an underground group to keep them away from his ex-wife, Tanya Zuvers.

On Thursday, John was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison with time served.   His charges for kidnapping were dismissed under a plea agreement and he pleaded no contest to unlawful imprisonment.

Although many feel as though John should have been charged for kidnapping, maybe the attorney’s were not confident that he would have been found guilty, or that charge or any charge would stick and were happy for the plea agreement. 

I hope that even though John is in jail that the search for the boys continues.

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1 Comment on Skelton Brothes: Father is sentenced

  1. I pray that this man didn't harm these children an that they are alright an will be found safe an well real soon. When he get's out of prison hopefully someone will keep tab's on him an maybe he will lead them to the children..


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