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Susan Powell: Body may have been found

Susan Powell

Update:  Police find human remains at Topaz Mountain. Click here to read.

Update:  Click this link to hear the latest about what is going on with the Susan Powell case as of August 2011.

Update:  The body turned out to be a man’s body.

A body has been found in Tooele County near Stockton, Utah, and there may be a possibility it is Susan Powell.  The Tooele County Sheriff’s office said that Attorney Doug Hogan found the unidentified body.

Susan Powell, 28,  went missing in 2009.  Her husband, Josh Powell, 34, is a person of interest in her disappearance.  He said he took his two sons camping in freezing temperatures in the Tooele County Desert around midnight and when they returned Susan was gone.

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6 Comments on Susan Powell: Body may have been found

  1. Body may have been found is great happily news for his family.


  2. Honestly its sad story.


  3. Oh my god..Its very sad news but it is also good to be found their body..


  4. This is actually very sad news such that a body is found and they think that it would be the body of the missing Susan Powell. But that body was of the man body rather then of the women body.


  5. Anonymous // May 27, 2011 at 1:36 pm // Reply

    My heart goes out to the family of this woman. I hope that the man responsible for this is caught and that this family finds peace. I think that we all have seena clear indication of what he is capable of and he should not walk free. My prayers are with you all.


  6. Sad story but honestly I never thought she just took off. Who takes toddlers camping in freezing temps? I guess it will be good for the family to have some closure.


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